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The paintings here reflect my on-going interest in the formal construction of imaginary spaces- sometimes suggesting nature or physical science, sometimes mythical or archetypal environments, and sometimes suggesting passages to other dimensions.

They always seem to be in motion and transition.

I am exploring, often blundering, impatient for the next scene. Colors, geometries, and individual marks are like characters set in motion; their interactions are somewhat spontaneous attempts to orchestrate accident and mother chaos for my own amusement, hoping for an edifying moment of clarity.

Marcus Greene is a lifelong artist with a career in teaching. Classical training at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and contemporary critical theory and practice in the MFA program at Indiana University inform explorations in drawing, painting, print, sculpture, and mixed media. The same breadth and depth of artistic engagement have been and continue to be the signature qualities of a teaching  career spanning 30 years full time at art colleges and universities, with seven years experience chairing two different departments, (Foundations and  Fine Arts), summer programs in Florence, scoring AP portfolios for the ETS, and much more.

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